A day in the life of a photographer: It’s not all glitz, but there’s some glamour

I really love my job, but, it’s not just a job, it’s my passion. This makes it easier to handle when even the best-laid plans go a little off-track!

I’ve got a tricky job today with a lovely, but demanding, head of a well-known fashion chain. So not only do I need to present an amazing brand portrait shoot, but I also need to look cool. Luckily I shop with the brand; So I dig out a jacket from the back of the wardrobe and go to the shoot. All goes well, really smoothly. Getting undressed later that night, I noticed the label was still on. This wouldn’t have been a problem but I told the designer, “this is my favourite jacket, I wear it all the time” – Oh well, no mate’s discount for me. They loved the photos though!


One of my favourite venues, Pennyhill Park, is the setting for a grand wedding I’m shooting later in the month; Today I’m meeting the bride’s wedding planner. Wedding planners can be great – or not so much. Remember the wedding planner from ‘Father of the Bride’, Franck Eggelhoffer? Well, this planner was similar – To those who are not familiar with this iconic film that means difficult, or even completely mad!

Let’s just say I was not overly impressed with the idea of a harness attached to a cherry picker for “better action shots”. It’s not that sort of place!


I’m meeting a lovely couple who are having a 25th wedding anniversary party at Trunkwell House in Berkshire, to talk about how to properly document the event. They would like really natural photography; no stilted shots. Not a problem, this is my raison d’etre, as they say in Berkshire!

What they didn’t tell me until the last minute was that the party had a theme. It’s the 70’s and they wanted me to dress up in order to blend in. Luckily I have some colourful flares and platform boots, which I keep for special occasions like this!


They say never work with children or animals; this is not my mantra, but that of W.C Fields – he might be right but, on this occasion, a photoshoot with a lovely family proved to be the exception, not the rule. Or at least I thought so until I got home and found a hairy sweet and a dog’s toy in my camera bag.


Friday is my day to prepare for the weekend. In this case, I’m planning for a glamorous celebrity wedding at a grand private home in Guildford, Surrey. The brief is an easy one; natural photos, capture the moment as it happens and make everyone feel relaxed in my presence. Looking forward to some star-studded moments!


I arrive early to scout the venue and take in the lovely location and to plan some shots in my mind. The guests arrive and the mingling begins! This really is a lovely occasion, everyone looks gorgeous and, as the champagne flows, the guests get used to me and relax into what is the perfect wedding.

Robbie Burns once said “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry” and he also said “ a haggis in the hand is better than one in the bush” No! He didn’t ever mention haggis, I made that up! But he might have done as much to the amusement of the guests, while walking back to get the best shot, I fell backwards right into a bush. Still got the shot though!

What a great wedding! The bride and groom loved the photos and what a wonderful memento for the guests from a night they will never forget!

Only one thing! Celebrities? I didn’t recognise anyone! Still, what do I care, everyone is a celebrity to me!