What time for Wedding speeches?

What time are the Wedding speeches?

So, it’s a question I ask a lot and generally, I get a mumbled reply! It’s also the subject I get asked about the most. The question asked is “when is the best time to start the speeches? Should they be at the start or end of the meal?” I am open to the personal choice a couple wish to make, but this subject has such mixed views! But, whatever way you choose, do think about it as this will have a big impact on your day. So what’s the best time?

Traditionally, speeches are made AFTER a meal. After-dinner speakers are received warmly with a merry crowd at the end of their meal. So for a seasoned performer, this is undoubtedly the best time. Let’s have a little tipple and eat first…. great, decision made!

So, you plan your wedding meal but hang on! You’re not a seasoned performer! The only thing preventing real enjoyment for the speech-makers is the looming fear of performing in front of the guests. Let’s be frank, not a lot of us relish the thought of public speaking, even if they are our friends and family. You still want the most receptive audience possible, right?

Let me say, I’ve been to a LOT of weddings and listened to lots and lots of speeches. Emotions can come out that weren’t expected, so it can never be perfectly planned. What really touches your guests is to set the tone, be genuine, heartfelt and try to tell them something they don’t already know!

Let’s face it, your guests are there because they love you, they are on your side. You can relax in the knowledge I will capture all the heartfelt moments, a memento you will want to keep forever!